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Ing. Mag. Otto KaufIng. Mag. Otto Kauf – Managing Director

The versatile expert at the top

With a personal Civil Engineering heritage, Otto completed his studies in Business Economics later graduating in Business Administration. After securing a job within one of the largest Austrian electronics companies, Otto worked his way up the ladder, later leading a division of 780 employees with a turnover of 3 billion ATS (2.18 billion Euro). Otto’s strong creative talent meant that in parallel to his position as Corporate Culture Director, he still found time for architecture & design (e.g. Austrian design award at the Seville EXPO).
A major shift in company activities gave Otto the opportunity to take a big leap and turn his passion for architecture & design into his profession; in 1998, FLAIR – Bauträger GmbH was born. As well as steadily holding the financial reins, his vision and passion for design continues to create holistic and exceptional residences.

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Mag. Helga Kauf

Mag. Helga Kauf  –  Deputy Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Customer Relations

She knows what the customer needs

Having been brought up with her brother Otto in the environment of the construction and engineering sectors, Helga also gained technical and practical knowledge at an early age.

After graduating in economics wherein the importance of clear and accurate communication was stressed, Helga entered the communications sector.  Helga Kauf learned all the aspects of successful marketing from her considerable experience working at established marketing agencies.

Helga’s motto:  Information given to the customer must be simple, clear and open so that the best decisions can be made.

Alexander Török – Project Manager / Customer Relations

The bank clerk with insight

Alexander worked at the UniCredit Group for 15 years starting out in Customer Service for Private Clients. He progressed to the position of Vienna Sales Team Manager for a real estate agency where FLAIR became one of his clients. here he was first introduced to the FLAIR concept.
His enthusiasm for real estate and fascination for the extraordinary FLAIR residences caused a change in his career path and Alexander became responsible for project development and financing as well as a dedicated member of the customer relations team.
Apart from his work, Alexander is a keen and accomplished diver.

Peter Steiner

Peter Steiner – Assistant to Management / Customer Relations

All for one and one for the company

At a young age, when the Internet was still in its infancy, Peter founded an advertising and internet agency with several of his friends. After a few years, he joined an international organization in which he mastered  a variety of leadership skills because of his flexibility and innovative spirit.

His passion for our beautiful city brought him back to Vienna where he joined the FLAIR team, setting up a new website and using his considerable skills to enable FLAIR clients to have a dynamic perspective.

Danijel Vancic – Project Support/ Modeling

An eye for detail

Known as Danny, and the youngest member of the FLAIR team construction sites are already  his passion.  Continuously developing his knowledge by attending of meetings with architects and construction industry players he is also responsible for the creating a physical 3-D representation of our projects in unique sale models. A keen eye for detail gives the FLAIR apartment seekers a unique and vivid view of our future installations in bird’s-eye view!

Apart from studying, traveling and exploring cities, Danny enjoys looking at different styles of architecture for inspiration.

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